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The Dream Bag - Sleeping Bags for Babies and Children

Looking for a baby sleeping bag or a kids sleeping bag? Then you have come to the right place! In our store you will find a wide selection of sleeping bags for babies and young children from international brand The Dream Bag. Our baby sleeping bags are available in different degrees of heat, depending on the room/nursery temperature, so you can always choose the right sleeping bag, be it summer or winter.

Affordable Quality

A baby sleeping bag or children's sleeping bag by The Dream Bag is a high quality product at a great price. We eliminate extensive and expensive advertising in parent magazines and the distribution of baby stores. Through direct sales from our online shop we are able to pass on the price advantage and offer you high quality baby sleeping bags at an affordable price.

Sleeping Bags for Babies - The Advantages

Safe. A baby sleeping bag cannot be pulled over the head so the risk of dangerous CO2 rebreathing is reduced. A sleeping bag is considered today as the safest sleep position in force supine position, as in a sleeping bag, children are less likely to turn on his or her stomach. Pediatricians and experts recommend using a sleeping bag for an optimal sleeping environment. All of our Dream Bag baby sleeping bags are tested for harmful substances.

Always the right temperature. Baby sleeping bags from The Dream Bag are available in different degrees of heat as a summer sleeping bag, winter sleeping bag or sleeping bag for all year, so you can have the right thickness for each temperature.

Comfortable. All our baby sleeping bags are cut down wide. Through this trapezoidal shape your child has plenty of leg room for kicking, but won't be able to kick off a sleeping bag, like they could do with a blanket. The double popper buttons on the shoulder straps are close to the shoulders and the zippers are protected by a cover, thus avoiding pressure points.

Easy care. Our baby and children's sleeping bags are washable at up to 40° (at low heat) and can be tumble dried and ironed.

Practical. Thanks to the sides and bottom round zip in an L-shape, it makes it easier for you to put on your baby's sleeping bag, and take off. Nightly nappy changes are so quick and as they can be done whilst you baby is asleep and is possible without complete extraction of the sleeping bag.

Quality at an affordable price. Through the direct sales via our own online shop, we can offer our babies and children comfortable sleeping at a very reasonable price.